Celebrate Canada 150 in Style

Canada Day is only a week and a half away. This year is even more special as it’s the 150th anniversary of our amazing country! We’ve rounded up some festive clothing from our retailers to help celebrate Canada 150 in style.

Old Navy

old navy canada day

From babies to adults, Old Navy always has a large assortment of fun themed outfits. This Canada Day is no exception. Graphic teess, dresses, baby onesies and much more await you.


ardene canada day

Prep for Canada Day with these great red and white picks from Ardene.  The baseball shirt is our favorite.


The Canada Day collection at Bootlegger has some unique tshirts, even one that says “Straight Outta Canada” (not pictured).


roots canada day

Nothing says Canada like Roots. The strong connection between Roots and Canada runs deep. You’ll find a plethora of Canada goods at Roots in South Edmonton Common.

What are YOUR plans to celebrate Canada 150?