Find the Perfect Bomber Jacket

It’s not surprising that the bomber jacket is making a comeback this winter. During the fall/winter runways of 2016, there were a plethora of bomber jackets that came down the pipeline. They’re not only perfect on their own, but are super practical for layering over sweaters or hoodies in Edmonton’s cold winters.

We’ve compiled our favorite bomber jackets at South Edmonton Common retailers and are excited for you to see our picks.

Wool Blend Bomber Jacket

old navy bomber jacket

This plaid wool blend bomber jacket from Old Navy definitely stands out from the popular black, olive or tan bomber jackets. We love the cozy look look and the blue and grey are perfect together.

Bomber Suit Jacketbomber suit jacket from tommy hilfiger

Made from traditional suit material, Tommy Hilfiger has found a way to transform the bomber jacket from the office wear to athleisure. The jacket has an interior red lining and slimmer silhouette.

Button-Up Fleece Bomber

fleece bomber

What do you call a sweater that’s almost a jacket? Whatever it’s called, this fleece bomber stands out with its snap front, cozy fit. Garage suggests wearing it over a tee with your fave jeans.

Long Bomber Jacket

long bomber jacket from H&M

We do love the look of the shorter bomber jackets, but from a practicality point, the long bomber jacket makes so much sense in Edmonton’s cold climate. We also love that H&M did a drawstring at the waist to make the fit more flattering.

Has the bomber jacket bug bit you yet? Share your fave with us on Twitter.