Three Fashion Trends to Watch

2018 is sure to bring a myriad of new and often surprising styles from the fashion world’s best designers. Along with fresh mindsets and resolutions, this new year is bringing with it some edgy and refined trends compiled from the creativity of the runway and the street. If you don’t want to be caught by surprise this season, read on for our list of the three crucial fashion trends for 2018.

Plaid is Back

That’s right — plaid has resurrected from its once frumpy state to become a dynamic and fun pattern perfect for layering. Plaid is showing itself in coats, blazers, and even accessories. South Common offers plenty of places to find your plaid fix this season, with retailers such as RW&Co. RW&Co is getting in on the plaid trend with its long plaid stitch cardigan in off-white. While plaid is generally thought of as an outerwear pattern, you might see fringe blouses and even leggings in plaid this season.



Fringe — a style marked by loose, flowing fabrics cut into strips or laces — is making a comeback this season in a classy yet fun way. Fringe is dramatic, free-spirited, and full of life. The best part about this trend is that it offers a ton of ways to style and play with; fringe can be found on bags, blouses, dresses, or tops. Banana Republic, another retailer available at South Common, is getting in on this trend with its printed fringe shift dress in gray.

Fanny Packs. Yes, Fanny Packs.

Fanny packs have a love-hate relationship for many. What started as a practical and stylish accessory option in the 90’s quickly became the hallmark of camera-toting, jean-short wearing tourists everywhere and was thus shunned into obscurity. Earlier this year, fanny packs made a resurgence that seemed mostly ironic. It seemed as if people wanted to wear them, but couldn’t quite shake their tacky reputation. Now, largely because of celebrity support, fanny packs are slowly creeping into a new status as legitimately cool. Fanny packs were commonly sighted at runway shows this year, meaning they are more than just an ironic piece. For those who want to get in on the trend but aren’t quite ready for the bright red, glossy fanny packs some celebrities have been spotted in, Calvin Klein makes a subdued black or brown leather fanny pack that will last for years to come.