Step Up Your Scare Game This Halloween

Have you started thinking about how you can scare your neighbours on Halloween? The obvious ghost, pumpkin and spider decorations are expected, but this year, step up your game with some help from the South Edmonton Common family!

We curated this list of unique decorations that are sure to cause a fright!

1. Skeleton Cat


skeleton cat decorations

Skeletons are hugely popular at Halloween, but have you ever thought about decorating with mankind’s friends? At Party City there are skeleton cats, dogs, rats, crows… Have a zoo of a cemetery on your front lawn, the kids will definitely get a scare!

2. Tarantula Pumpkin

spider web pumpkin

This pumpkin from Michaels is definitely not boring! Made with paper pulp, this realistic web covered pumpkin will have that “natural” look for years to come!

3. Animated Beating Heart

animated beating heart table top decoration

Found at Canada’s largest Canadian Tire in South Edmonton Common, this animated tabletop decoration lights up and makes realistic heartbeat sounds. Perfect for your Halloween dinner party perhaps?

4. Zombie Fog Machine

zombie fog machine

What’s creepier than zombies shooting fog out their mouths? This would be a prime effect for a dinner party or haunted house. Find it at Walmart.

5. Sugar Skull & Bright Flower Wreath

sugar skull wreath

For those not looking to frighten off visitors, this sugar skull and bright flower wreath is a more welcoming sight. Celebrate not only Halloween but Day of the Dead with the help of Pier 1 Imports.

Your Turn

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