Midsummer Buffet

Celebrate the Longest Day of the year at IKEA

WINNERS is here

WINNERS has arrived! Find them near Atmosphere and HomeSense.

Skechers new location

Skechers has MOVED! Visit their new location across the parking lot from their former location

Moxies is Now Open

The wait is over. Moxies is now open at its new location.

Find Fashion, Food and Fun at South Edmonton Common

Everything you need, all in one place.

Take Your Shopping Experience to New Heights

It’s all here.

Discover the Extraordinary at South Edmonton Common

All that you need. Right here.
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South Edmonton Common

What ever you need, find it at South Edmonton Common.

South Edmonton Common is a retail power centre located in Edmonton, Alberta. The flagship shopping complex is spread over 320 acres and contains more than 2.3 million square feet of dining, shopping and entertainment space, making it one of the largest open-air retail developments in North America.

South Edmonton Common:
  • Is strategically situated at one of the city’s highest traffic locations and borders the city’s 8-lane ring road, Anthony Henday Drive
  • Is easily accessible to shoppers from all suburban areas
  • Has set the standard for power centre developments across North America

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South Edmonton Common

Shop Canadian & international brands all in the same place.

A number of retailers have selected the location to showcase their first Edmonton store, making South Edmonton Common a unique, one-stop shopping and entertainment experience.

Edmonton’s Favourite Outdoor Shopping Experience

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